Jan 08

What Is Kratom & Is It Safe To Try?

kratompic1Kratom is a tree that is native to areas of South Eastern Asia and is closely related to the coffee plant. It is commonly found in Thailand, Burma, Myanmar, Malaysia, etc. Kratom’s botanical name is Mitragyna Speciosa and can be bought and kept as a houseplant from companies such as Sage Wisdom Botanicals. It is advised to exercise caution when purchasing a kratom plant due to the fact that there are individuals who sell other plant material to customers claiming that it is “kratom”.

Kratom can be taken in multiple ways. It can be dried and chewed on to ingest the plant’s properties although this is a less popular practice as the leaves are a tough texture that many find unpleasant. It can also be dried and ground to be mixed in with liquid. It is also a popular practice to grind and strain kratom to make tea. The tea has a harsh, bitter, taste to it so it is recommended that the tea be downed as quickly as possible and chased with something that is a little more appealing in taste such as a strong fruit juice.

There are several companies that produce kratom capsules, pre-made tea bags, sweetened drinks containing kratom, powders made from different strains of kratom, resins, and many other products that are available for customers to purchase. Kratom has been and continues to be used as a painkiller, a stimulant when a low dosage is ingested, diarrhea reliever, and even a sedative when higher dosages are taken.

It is recommended that the user avoids driving, working with power tools, or any other potentially hazardous activities due to the fact that kratom can make the user drowsy without any warning. Kratom is not a habitual supplement as long as it is taken and used properly. For the best results without forming a habit it is recommended that Kratom be limited to being used about once a week.

Kratom is a legal substance that can be legally used in many different countries around the world. Kratom is not only used for treatment of mild ailments as it has also been given to patients with painful conditions such as fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis. It has also been used as an aid to fight addictions such as opiate dependency as well as it’s use to lower anxiety levels in patients and even attention deficit disorder. I buy my Kratom from KratomCollection.com. They provide excellent quality products packaged professionally and delivered quickly. They also provide free same day shipping.

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