May 01

Our Newest Sweet Good: The LG G4

lg-g41The LG G4 is the brand new smartphone from LG that teams a curved screen with leather backing. This may sound like the sexiest phone in the world, and it may very well be. The idea behind the phone is to bring luxury to the eyes in more ways than one. This review covers the phone in all its glory as it takes on the S6 from Samsung and the iPhone 6.

#1: Leather Backing

Many smartphone users dream of finding a leather case that will fit their phone. This is the ultimate in luxury, and a leather case makes any phone durable beyond belief. LG has solved this problem by offering the G4 with an optional leather back. The phone does not come in a leather, but the phone comes covered in leather.

The opulent stitching around the leather case makes the phone more classy, and the leather backing is easier on the eyes. Everyone will compliment a user with one of these phones because they are so unique. The phone does look sexy in leather, but it comes with traditional plastic covers, as well.

lg-g41#2: Easy On The Eyes

The curved screen on the G$ curves even more than the older curved screens from LG, but you cannot see that the screen is curved when viewing from the front. The screen is easier on your eyes when you spend hours staring at your phone, and the curvy protects the glass on the screen from cracking. The deep curve in the G4 is designed to prevent nearly all cracking by making it impossible for the screen to hit a hard surface.


#3: Better Camera

The curves and leather give way to a much better camera in the G4. The 16-megapixel camera is being touted by some as the best smartphone camera in the world. The high resolution may convert those who believe they need to carry a camera on vacation, and the resolution on the G4 camera may turn others back to taking pictures where they had once given up.

#4: Operating System

The G4 will run Android’s Lollipop 5.1 operating system, and it will look markedly similar to previous operating systems. Anyone familiar with the changes in Android operating systems over the years know that Lollipop is the easiest to use, and the G4 will become the perfect phone for someone who spends most of their day with it in-hand.

The LG G4 brings leather and curves to a party that desperately needs them. This phone is comfortable to hold, and it is practically impossible to damage. Anyone investing in a new G4 will see the difference when they take a picture, and the simplified operating system will make this the phone of choice for those leaning towards switching to Android.

Mar 30

Online High School – The New Educational Opportunity

onlineschoolOnline high school is rapidly becoming a main stream choice. Just as students have different abilities and learning styles, schools are meeting those needs both within buildings and online. So if you or your child is considering an online high school diploma, read on for more information.

Attending a virtual high school offers many benefits to the students. There are two main formats for these state approved educational options. Students can learn via webcasts online at a regularly scheduled time. At that time they may interact peer to peer and directly with the instructor. There is real time discussion and feedback.

The other format is for students to work at their own pace meeting teacher deadlines, completing papers and assignments and turning them in when complete. In that case discussions are less immediate, and take the form of messages sent back and forth.

Students who need direct interaction do well in the first environment with ample cues and direction. Independent students who are driven to succeed may do best in the second type of setting. Both options have positive impact on the student. It is important to make the right selection for the student’s learning style.

Besides accommodating different learning styles, online schools can improve education for students in many types of communities.

Rural areas that are not able to offer a wide a range of subjects in high school benefit from the availability of a variety of classes. As an example students who learn online have a broader choice of foreign languages and cultures to study. Smaller schools or districts often only offer one or two languages. Foreign language classes are useful for those who wish to work in the medical field, diplomacy and manufacturing among other concentrations.

graduationUrban students also can access schools from their home computers and may find it to be a wonderful way to study. When attending online the logistics of transportation are eliminated as well as any challenge presented by over crowding or dangerous activities. Residents of larger cities also benefit by more choices in many subjects.

Together students from many neighborhoods and communities can experience a broader world. The world of museums, classical music, and theater arts opens wider when the small town student can visit larger cities courtesy of an online high school. With that same thought in mind, the student who is surrounded by the urban environment can see and experience what it is like to experience rural activities. Virtual education brings all parts of our world within reach to all students.

Online school levels the playing field between rural and urban school districts and allows committed students of any geographic area the chance to share educational experiences.

Learning from home at a certified online school provides a good solution for students who cannot attend a local learning center due to health challenges. Someone who must avoid infections or contamination because of a health need now no longer has to fall behind in school. Virtual classrooms provide for a student to have the comfort and support he needs while his mind is stimulated by the interaction and classwork of online learning.

There are students with special needs who are well suited to the online high school. On occasion students are able to learn, but not able to concentrate in a public or private school room. Noises cause distraction, sensory issues in the environment may trigger unwanted behaviors that prevent learning. Situations that are perceived as too crowded can make some learners uncomfortable. Sadly, sometimes there are bullies in the classroom or school.

Each family who chooses online learning for its students has a particular benefit in mind. The students may be looking for a broader learning base with more opportunities or a less stressful environment. The virtual high school can allow personal development and internalized disciplines of meeting deadlines and following agendas. Internet based classrooms accommodate health and physical needs while providing curricula that meet established state standards for learning.

With the many choices of online high schools available any student and family who is seeking a personalized education should be able to find a school that is designed to fit their individual needs.

Feb 16

Unique Workouts In The Privacy Of Your Own Home

homeworkoutWorking out at a gym, while seeming like a good idea, can be extremely time-consuming. Let’s face it who needs to dedicate an hour just to getting to and from the gym every day. Exercising in your home is not only convenient but also provides you the privacy you need to focus on getting in shape. Working out at home means not worrying about who is looking at you while you are doing lunges or being envious of all the hard bodies of those who have been at it for years.

We may not all have the perfect bodies, or even want them for that matter. Getting into shape is a personal matter and one that need not be shared in the meat market of your local gym. Working out from home offers benefits and convenience, but also can save you a boatload of money over the average gym membership. And most people don’t follow through with a gym membership for more than a month because it is so time-consuming getting to the gym every day.

Perhaps you are concerned about working from home because you think that you can’t possibly workout without all the latest equipment. Well honestly, working out doing aerobics or kickboxing can be done with only a workout DVD or by online streaming through a workout site. Even magazines will print up some basic exercise routines that individuals can do at home, without equipment, most of which can be completed within a 15-30 minute time frame. Body weight exercises require little equipment with maximum results. Burning calories more quickly and on your schedule, leaves you more time for everything else. Workouts on your schedule can be not only beneficial to your health but also to squeezing them in, even on the busiest of days.

Making time for a good workout isn’t difficult when you can do some dance aerobics or Pilates from home. And some workouts, like yoga, can not only improve your body but help to center you and increase your focus and energy. There are very few who don’t need centering or more energy throughout their daily routine.

Muscle building and aerobic exercises offer many benefits to your body and help reduce stress levels in most people. So rather than sign up for a gym membership that puts more strain and stress into your daily routine, opt for working out from home and save money. Doing so will allow you to reap all of the benefits of working out without having to sign up for an overpriced gym membership that you will be paying off long after you stop going.

Jan 27

Melatonin…What it is, and is it Right for Me?

healthysleepEach individual’s body comes equipped with an internal clock that controls their natural sleep cycle, and hours of being awake. This particular clock also regulates the amount of melatonin the body produces.

Melatonin is a hormone made by a small gland found in the brain. This is known as the pineal gland, and is about the size of a pea. This hormone normally increases during the evening hours, then drops to a lower level by morning.

Many people suffer from a decrease in melatonin, making them more susceptible to conditions such as insomnia. This condition makes sleeping a very difficult challenge. Other causes of an abnormal sleep schedule can be blamed on working the night shift, or even depression and anxiety. Age can also be a factor, because the older a person becomes, the lower the melatonin levels are. These are just some examples of when a melatonin supplement may be recommended.

Melatonin can be beneficial because it assists individuals with returning to, and maintaining a normal sleep pattern. Melatonin has also been thought to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, and reduce the number of awakenings during sleep. This particular supplement is considered safe in most cases, because it is a hormone that the body already produces, rather than consuming another type of synthetic drug.

Like any supplement, however, there are potential side effects. Some may include:
• Lower body temperature
• Blood pressure changes
• Grogginess upon awakening
• Vivid dreams

The dosage for melatonin will vary, depending on each individual’s specific case, and the reason for its use. Most people find that taking 1 to 3 mg is successful, where others may need a higher dose to achieve the full benefit. The correct dosage and time of day it is taken is also important to its effectiveness.

Melatonin is the only available hormone without a prescription. However, a consultation with a health care professional is the best place to begin when considering any new medication or supplement. A professional will advise of the proper dosage, frequency, and help determine if melatonin is the most beneficial choice.

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