May 01

Our Newest Sweet Good: The LG G4

lg-g41The LG G4 is the brand new smartphone from LG that teams a curved screen with leather backing. This may sound like the sexiest phone in the world, and it may very well be. The idea behind the phone is to bring luxury to the eyes in more ways than one. This review covers the phone in all its glory as it takes on the S6 from Samsung and the iPhone 6.

#1: Leather Backing

Many smartphone users dream of finding a leather case that will fit their phone. This is the ultimate in luxury, and a leather case makes any phone durable beyond belief. LG has solved this problem by offering the G4 with an optional leather back. The phone does not come in a leather, but the phone comes covered in leather.

The opulent stitching around the leather case makes the phone more classy, and the leather backing is easier on the eyes. Everyone will compliment a user with one of these phones because they are so unique. The phone does look sexy in leather, but it comes with traditional plastic covers, as well.

lg-g41#2: Easy On The Eyes

The curved screen on the G$ curves even more than the older curved screens from LG, but you cannot see that the screen is curved when viewing from the front. The screen is easier on your eyes when you spend hours staring at your phone, and the curvy protects the glass on the screen from cracking. The deep curve in the G4 is designed to prevent nearly all cracking by making it impossible for the screen to hit a hard surface.


#3: Better Camera

The curves and leather give way to a much better camera in the G4. The 16-megapixel camera is being touted by some as the best smartphone camera in the world. The high resolution may convert those who believe they need to carry a camera on vacation, and the resolution on the G4 camera may turn others back to taking pictures where they had once given up.

#4: Operating System

The G4 will run Android’s Lollipop 5.1 operating system, and it will look markedly similar to previous operating systems. Anyone familiar with the changes in Android operating systems over the years know that Lollipop is the easiest to use, and the G4 will become the perfect phone for someone who spends most of their day with it in-hand.

The LG G4 brings leather and curves to a party that desperately needs them. This phone is comfortable to hold, and it is practically impossible to damage. Anyone investing in a new G4 will see the difference when they take a picture, and the simplified operating system will make this the phone of choice for those leaning towards switching to Android.

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