Jul 28

Finding DIY & Surplus Products For Cheap

diysurplusWhether you are a busy purchasing agent for an industrial business, an estimator who provides direct sources for industrial supplies or a “do-it-yourself” individual, searching for hours online for industrial supplies can be time consuming and cost money.

The first step is to determine the specific type of industrial supplies you are seeking. For some industrial projects, electrical supplies may be a regular purchase. Other industrial supplies like heavy duty equipment may require a direct source for regular purchases. Here are several direct sources for industrial supplies that can cut the time it takes to find what you need most:

Moose Trading – Visit the link: http://www.moosetrading.com/ and review products like industrial sewing machines, 20 ton 6 HP log splitters, 3-phase transformers and engineered glass and pine interior door slabs.

Surplus Industrial Supply

This direct source of industrial supplies can save shopping time on blowers, air compressors, dust collectors, material handling and forklift equipment and PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers). Visit http://surplusindustrialsupply.com/ for more information.

Grainger (http://www.grainger.com/)
Grainger has been in business for more than fifty years and is a supplier of a broad range of industrial products and also offers numerous industrial services. Shop the online catalogue for products that include:

  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Material Handling
  • Generators
  • Hydraulics

McMaster-Carr (http://www.mcmaster.com/)

McMaster-Carr is another direct source for industrial supplies. Shop online for filtering and tooling supplies, nailers, riveters, sawing, cutting, piping, tubing, hoses, pulling and lifting equipment and pressure and temperature controls. In addition, McMaster-Carr also offers plumbing and janitorial equipment, safety, sealing and shipping supplies.

MSC Industrial Supply Company (http://www.mscdirect.com/)

MSC Industrial Supply Company offers a broad range of products sold direct. These products include tools, fasteners, HVAC, hoses, tubes, fittings and valves, to name just a few.

Southland Electrical Supply (http://www.southlandelectric.com/)

For a wide range of electrical supplies, visit the Southland site for transformers, circuit breakers, lighting panels and voltage starters.

PLC Center MRO Inventory (http://www.plccenter.com/)

Shop at PLC Center for electrical circuit breakers, partition and terminal plates, AMP poles, power units, cables and wires.

N2 Surplus (http://www.plccenter.com/)

Since 1933, Surplus Center has been a direct source of shopping for industrial supplies that include:
. Gauges
. Pulleys
. V-Belts
. Sprockets
. Electrical pumps, compressors and motors
. Motor speed controllers

In addition, N2 Surplus also offers a complete line of wheels, water pumps, winches, air and pneumatic equipment and gear boxes and gear reducers, as well as roller chains and links.

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